Governing Documents

The Association is governed by the Amended Covenants and Restrictions, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and the Rules and Information, which you can find linked below.

Amended Declaration of Protective Covenants and Restrictions

The AMENDED DECLARATION OF PROTECTIVE COVENANTS AND RESTRICTIONS is the legal instrument that created Sky Bryce Association, Inc., first filed with Shenandoah County when Sky Bryce was established, and amended in 1996. These COVENANTS define the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of all SBA members and owners of property as to how the land and property (both private and common) in Sky Bryce Association are used. It is binding on all parties who acquire property subject to the COVENANTS—i.e., all owners of property located within the boundaries of Sky Byrce Master Plan.

  • Lists the purpose of the Association.
  • Describes the categories of members and their respective voting and other rights.
  • Enumerates the membership and powers of the Board of Directors and all Committees.
  • Establishes rules relating to assessments and budget.
  • Sets forth the design, use, and maintenance covenants.
This document is available here.

Articles of Incorporation

Registered with the Virginia State Corporation Commission, the Articles establish the legal entity under which Sky Bryce Association, Inc. operates. Specifically, the Articles:
  • Identify the name of the corporation.
  • Define SBA as a non-stock corporation 501(c)4.
  • Designate governance of the Association by a Board of Directors.
  • Specify reasons for removing a Director.
Articles of Incorporation can be downloaded here.


The Governing regulations for the administration and management of the Association.

The Bylaws are available here.

Rules and Information

The Rules & Information document governing the Association's operations are adopted by resolution by the Board of Directors and must be consistent with restrictions and powers contained in federal and state laws, plus the Association's Covenants, Articles of Incorporation, and Bylaws. They also must reasonably relate to the Association's purposes and policies, and their enforcement must be reasonable and fair.

The Rules & Information document is available here.

Long Range Plan

The 2019-2024 long range plan is available here.