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Sky Bryce is a covenanted property owners' association located near Bryce Resort - a four-season resort in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. The association does not control and is not affiliated with Bryce Resort. When you find your mountain retreat - whether it is a cozy weekend chalet or a elegant year round home - you want assurance that the atmosphere and ambiance that attracted you will continue to be there!!

Next Meeting: The next regular Sky Bryce Association, Inc. (SBA) Board of Directors' meeting will be held on Friday, June 6, 2014 starting at 9:00 a.m. in the Association's meeting room located at 7200 Supinlick Ridge Road, Basye, Virginia.

Policies: Guests will normally be given three minutes at the beginning of the meeting to discuss any items not on the agenda. Also, they will be given three minutes at the end of the meeting to discuss any agenda items. If they desire to bring up a new subject that is not on the agenda, they should forward a letter to the SBA office explaining the issue so it can be considered for next month's agenda. Any agenda items must be submitted at least one week prior to the next scheduled meeting.

The SBA Board of Directors meets the fourth Friday of the month at the Association's meeting room located at 7200 Supinlick Ridge Road, Basye, Virginia. Call the Association's Business Office at 540-856-2550 for the time.

Future Dates for SBA Board of Directors' Meetings:
June 6, 2014

Community News:

Keep Roads Open or Pick Up House Trash: During inclement weather, the first priority for SBA road services crew is to keep the roads open; then pick up household trash.

SBA Road Services' Planned Work Schedule for 4/28/2014 to 5/9/2014:

Week of 4/28/2014 - 5/2/2014:
Monday- 4/28: Pickup household trash
Tuesday- 4/29 to Friday 5/2 Grade dirt roads

Week of 5/5/14 - 5/9/14:
Monday- 5/5: Pick up household trash
Tuesday- 5/6 - Friday 5/9: Cleaning ditches along road sides

Note: Planned work schedule subject to change due to weather conditions, equipment available and manpower.

Access to SBA records:Pursuant to Section 55-510 of the Virginia Property Owners' Association Act, effective July 1, 2012, community association boards of directors are required to adopt and publish a cost schedule regarding request by members' in good standing to inspect and copy association books and records. As adopted by the Board of Directors, SBA's cost schedule to copy association book and records is twenty-five (25) cents per page after written request has been received from the requesting member. SBA has five (5) business days to provide copies.

For your family's peace of mind and keeping informed, check the Virginia State Police's convicted sex offenders' registry at http://sex-offender.vsp.virginia.gov/sor/. Depending on where you live in Sky Bryce Subdivision, use the 22810 zip code for Basye or the 22842 zip code for Mt. Jackson to search.

AN OFF-LEASH DOG PARK PLANNED FOR BRYCE RESORT:Members of the local community here at Bryce Mountain have formed a committee to raise funds to build an off-leash dog park at Bryce Resort. All dogs -- member dogs, non-member dogs, and visiting dogs -- will be welcomed. The Resort has agreed to furnish the land (just along Resort Drive, east of the Library), and dog owners and dog lovers are encouraged to become "Friends" of the park by making a donation. If you have a dog or love a dog and would like more information, would like to make a donation, or volunteer your time or make a pledge, please contact the committee chairman, Diane Hanson, at 540-856-8040, or ddhanson@shentel.net. You can also go to www.fetchandcatch.weebly.com for updates!

Contents and Links Disclaimer

Sky Bryce Association, Inc. (“SBA”) has established this website for the convenience of SBA's property owners and residents and their guests. SBA makes reasonable effort to ensure that all content and information published at this website by SBA is current and accurate, but SBA does not make any representations or warranties about the accuracy of this information. In addition, the presence of an external link on this site does not mean that SBA approves or endorses the linked website, its content, or the people who run it. SBA provides these links as a matter of convenience only. SBA assumes no liability or responsibility for any actions or claims arising for the use of the SBA website or the linked websites, or for any errors or omissions in the information contained in, or the operation of, the SBA website or the linked websites.

If you have any questions about this website, you may contact SBA at:
         Location: 7208 Supinlick Ridge Road
         Mail: P.O. Box 20; Basye, VA 22810-0020
         Call: (540) 856-2550



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